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This is my personal website I plan to use to establish my name online with. You will find my website portfolio, an SEO Blog and various tools and apps I have developed.

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MyWebs on HubPages.com

I have been writing on HubPages for over two years now. I really love the site and especially the community there. Below you will find a gadget displaying some of my hubs. I have done pretty good on HubPages, especially SEO wise. Several of my hubs enjoy top ten rankings on Google and are good examples of my SEO abilities.

To see more of my Hubs click the "MyWeb's Hubs" button below.

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Website Portfolio

The latest website I have built for a customer is the Sheridan Motel site. This website was built for the Apple Tree Inn in Sheridan, WY. Since AppleTreeInn.com was already taken and I knew it would be super easy to rank for their business name I convinced the owner that SheridanMotel.com would be a great keyword domain name to eventually rank for "Sheridan Motel". Why bother just trying to rank for the Apple Tree Inn since anyone searching for that already knows about the business. A generic keyword phrase will bring in new customers they wouldn't otherwise get.

Within less than a month it ranks #40 for "Sheridan Motel". For "Sheridan Motel Rooms" it holds the #22 position. A great start in my opinion considering this is a tourist town and stuff is rather competitive on Google for such a small city. My goal of course is top ten or even #1 on Google within 1-2 years, but hopefully a lot sooner with a bit of hard work and luck.

To eliminate cross browser and multiple device issues I went with Initializr, which is just a front end to customize HTML Boilerplate, for my code base to eliminate tons of headache. I'm very happy with this code. With no additional work on my part the website scales perfectly from the smallest of cell phones to a tablet up to a high resolution desktop display. It also handles tons of other issues using current best practices.

With the exception of my WordPress SEO Blog on here the rest of this site also will be using HTML BoilerPlate code. HTML BoilerPlate rocks, be sure to check it out.

Tools And Gadgets

Do you need to know what your current IP Address is? Then check out What Is My IP to quickly find out what your current IP and Host Name is without a bunch of clutter.