How To Create A YouTube Clone

How To Create A YouTube Clone

If you have a WordPress based site turning it, or a subsection of it, into a YouTube clone is very simple to accomplish. This how to create a YouTube clone posting will explain all you need to do to have your own YouTube clone up and running within about 30 minutes or so depending upon your skill level.

Assuming you already have WordPress setup and running you just need to purchase a WordPress theme to morph your WordPress site into a cool video site. For a working example of what I’m talking about check out the Best Music Videos section of my site.

If you like what you see then head on over and purchase Covert VideoPress WordPress theme. They also offer a OTO that will automatically pull videos from four different video sites based upon keywords you enter. If you do use this auto-blogging solution I highly suggest that you set the posts to draft mode and manually go in and change the titles and descriptions before publishing them so your content is unique

I’m not walking you through step by step in this posting about how to manually create a YouTube clone from scracth as many of you wouldn’t understand all the necessary HTML, PHP, MySQL and JavaScript code. Besides why go through all that hard work writing code when for only about $12 you can have a pre made, highly customizable solution?

My Video site is new and hasn’t had time to gain much traffic or rankings on Google. With that said I feel very confident it will do great ranking and traffic wise given time to garner a bit of age.

Some quick YouTube facts:

  • Every minute 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube
  • Over 4 billion videos are viewed every day on YouTube
  • Users watch 3 billion hours of video monthly on YouTube
  • In one months time more video is uploaded to YouTube than the three major US TV networks created in 60 years.
  • Google and Facebook are the two most viewed websites with YouTube being  the third most viewed website in the world
  • YouTube is the second most popular search engine

YouTube facts from the YouTube stats page and YouTube Facts

What does all these YouTube facts mean? Video is hot and users love to engage with video content. By creating a YouTube clone you can tap into some of this video traffic practically for free, besides the small cost for Covert VideoPress. I look at it this way: If I make $1 a day from my video section I break even in only 12 days, after that it is all profit for me. Once I start getting some traffic via search using proven SEO methods I will recoup the cost of this WordPress theme rather quickly.

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